A Resource for Information Concerning Colour Science


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29 May 2020

Colour4Free provides a web resource for information concerning colour science.

There are five sections and each section provides access to a different type of colour related document. These include:

Adobe PDF files;

Excel spreadsheets;



Links to colour related resources on the World Wide Web.

The most generally useful document formats have been chosen that provide compact files for rapid downloading.

Documents: In web page and PDF format. Topics include:

Eye and Vision : Describing Colour, Structure of the Eye, Colour Vision, Impaired Colour Vision, Colour Vision Theory

Materials and Lamps : Nature of Light, Light Materials and Colour, Lamps and Colour, Types of Colorant, Properties of Colorants, Colorants for Printing, Tests of Colorants

Specifying Colour : Colour Order Systems, Colour Numbers RGB, Colour Numbers XYZ, Colour Numbers Lab, Colour Numbers sRGB, Colour Difference Visual, Colour Difference Instrumental, Colour Measurement

Display and Print: Electronic Displays, Image RGB to XYZ, Four Colour Printing, Print CYMK to XYZ, Management of Images, Measurement of Print

Colour in Materials : Types of Coloured Material, Relating Colour to Composition, Colour Formulation Prediction

Spreadsheets: In Microsoft Excel format (XLS). Topics include:

General : Reflectance Synthesizer, CIEDE2000, XYZ to Dominant Wavelength, Lab to RGB, Colour Convert XYZ, Yxy, L*a*b*, L*C*h, Lu'v', L*u*v*

Colour Atlas and Guide : Search for panels that match the colour of a target shade in the NCS Colour Atlas, Munsell Color Atlas, Pantone Guide (coated)

DiagramsIn Window Metafile format (WMF). Topics include:

General : Eye Cross Section, Retina Cross Section, Subtractive Colour Mixing, Colours of the Spectrum

Light Sources : Daylight (D65) Spectral Power Distribution, Daylight (D50) Spectral Power Distribution, Cool White Fluorescent (F2), Tungsten Filament Lamp (A)

Images:   In portable network graphics format (PNG). Topics include:

General : Eye in Face, Eye with Muscles, Eye Cross Section, Rods and Cones

Links:     To web resources in colour science. Topics include:

General : Colour Science, Optical Illusions, Colour Vision, Optics of Materials